Kitchen of The Future

New York School of Interior Design

About Us

This blog is updated yearly in the spring by MFA-1 students at the New York School of Interior Design that have recently completed a class in Kitchen Design.

After exploring the basic principles of designing a galley kitchen we took what we learned and applied these rules to a more luxurious plan in a corporate apartment. Through this luxury kitchen project we realized the many ways one could personalize an interior to accommodate clients of different needs. This inspired us to look towards the deeper meaning of what a kitchen is in a more universal sense.

Kitchens have transformed from merely a food preparation area to a place of nurturing, gathering, working, teaching, experimenting, playing, eating, observing, socializing, and entertaining. It has become both a hearth and a laboratory…but will it stay that way?

The purpose of this blog is to explore the kitchen of the future by gaining an understanding of how the kitchen has progressed in terms of technology, affordability, trends in food preparation, energy efficiency, use of materials, forms of waste management, health aspects, the effects of globalization, and the family’s definition of a kitchen. We hope that this will only further conversation about the way the kitchen will transform as it enters the next era in design.


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