HLS: Hydroponics Life Style – Full Service Indoor Gardening

By: Hallie Thompson, Inga Vincent and Natalia Leuterio

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No bugs, no mess! Organic, fresh, vegetables at your fingertips. And it also improves air quality in your home!

The farm-to-table movement is a growing trend. HLS is a terrific way to have a sustainable organic garden in your kitchen. Whether you are in a small New York City apartment or a luxurious Long Island suburban home, growing your own organic greens is easy and convenient.

With the HLS hydroponics system, you are one step closer to having a sustainable kitchen and lifestyle. Our HLS system puts edible plants — fresh vegetables and herbs — at your fingertips inside your very own kitchen. HLS hydroponics does all the work, maintenance. It does not require soil or sunlight and is 100% organic.

The aesthetic appeal of living within edible walls means an increase in the demand for professional services which will consult, design, install, and maintain these indoor gardens.

Some believe as far back as 600 B.C., during the age of Babylon, the gardeners may have employed hydroponics. Hydroponics is a form of soilless agriculture where plants roots grow in nutrient-enriched water.

NASA is currently experimenting with growing food hydroponically in space. Growing food soillessly represents the future of farming. With hydroponics, food can be grown in small indoor spaces using a controlled system.

The water culture system is the simplest and most cost efficient type of hydroponics. It is a very effective way to grow plants in the comfort of your home. This system is not only good for the home but is used by many commercial growers on a large scale as well. With the water culture system, the plant is actually suspended in a basket right above the nutrient solution in the reservoir. The roots can hang down directly into the nutrient solution and remain submerged all the time. The roots don’t suffocate because they get the air and oxygen they need from air bubbles rising through the nutrient solution

Our product hangs on your kitchen wall and is made out of recycled materials along with rapidly renewable bamboo. All you need is an outlet and water hose which can both be installed behind your system.

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