By:  Stephanie Rizzardi, Chris Shao, Mateo Baca

According to the U.S.D.A. the average American ate almost 20% more calories in the year 2016 that they did in 1983. Dieting and exercising did not play an important role in society as it plays now.  Therefore 25 years ago, most consumers and companies were looking to solve primary baseline health and wellness conditions, or find new approaches to them. Those goals fell into two categories, health and condition management, where consumers were looking for food and beverage products that would help them prevent specific conditions. The second was around weight management. But it has always been one or the other; thinking about dieting, or exercising. Society is always in the need of finding or creating a product that merge these two elements in a way that can be controlled on a daily basis.  

Nowadays, progressive health and wellness consumers are increasingly influential in redefining food culture. Technology plays a very important role here, where kitchen fixtures are being designed with smart setups that helps consumers achieve health and wellness goals based on daily calorie count, and day-to-day workout. Consumers tend to buy appliances that help them achieve physical and dietary objectives, that can also connect with smart phones in order to have information about the progress that is recorded in a daily basis.


Imagine a Kitchen that could think for you. One that could calculate your daily nutritional requirements, based on your recorded activity, and do all the hard work involved in meal preparation. In this kitchen, you would not need to guess which ingredients, or how much, in order for your body to perform at its optimal level.

Based on statistics and parameters that the Kitchen receives from your personal smartphone or compatible device, it is able to calculate and advise you on parameters that affect nutrition and food consumption such as the ingredients you use to create a meal, portions, optimum consumption of vitamins and minerals, and energy sources. The technology can recognize and calculate your daily activity, including how much or how little strenuous exercise you have undertaken and what sort of exercise you have completed (cardio, weights etc..). Not only will it calculate how much and what to put into your body, it will also advise you on how often and when you should consume food, in order for your body to be able to metabolize energy properly, based on your inputted goals and personal body and lifestyle details.

How does the FITCHEN know what to tell you what to eat? It knows what’s in your Fridge and Pantry. Any online order or physical store purchase can be recognized by the app, and an inventory of the Kitchen is created. From stapes such as flour, olive oil and salt, to proteins, fresh produce and specialty items, the Kitchen knows just how much of each item remains, and when and what should be replenished. What if you’re not at home to eat? No worries! Your location services tell your personal nutritional advisor what’s around you, and based on what your body requires, your Kitchen can tell you what to order at a nearby restaurant or café.

Andrea is a 27-year-old professional living in New York City, who is a fitness enthusiast and part-time personal trainer. Her busy lifestyle does not leave much time in her day to think about preparing her meals to complement her active regime and maintenance of her physicality and fitness goals. Step in FITCHEN. Andrea has inputted her details with the app on her smartphone and synchronized her lifestyle with her Kitchen. Her typical Monday will involve waking up at 5am to work out for an hour, before going to work at 9am-6pm, after which she trains a regular, client at 7pm. However, Tuesdays look vastly different, as she and her friends have a long-standing tradition of dinner after work, including a glass of wine. She may go for a quick jog that morning, depending on the weather. These two very different daily schedules don’t always work to maintain the motivation and dedication to fitness objectives, however, FITCHEN can take care of the nutritional side of this equation by providing Andrea with a meal plan and recommendations that will alter significantly from day-to-day, and enable her to maintain her goals.


Integration is another key feature of FITCHEN. Nowadays, there are thousands of products flooding into the fitness market every year. They range from a simple wristband counting calories burnt, to a profound machine that help you lose 20 lbs. less. Each individual product has a unique niche for health conscious clients. However, what the market lacks is a strong connection; an integration of all the amazing functions from a wide range of products. FITCHEN aims not to limit your fitness activity and awareness within the kitchen, but also infuse it throughout your life. From the moment you wake up, FITCHEN will know your daily meal plan and activities.

Horizontal integration combines all the appliances and functions together to develop a systematic program – produce, advise, and supervise your diet. Each part of the kitchen is no longer an individual; instead it integrates into a system. Every single touch will cause a domino effect of “consequences”. Sounds scary? FITCHEN has the self-adjustment ability to inform the other system to compensate for your actions. For examples, if you had your breakfast with 25% more carbohydrates than it should be, the kitchen would adjust your additives for dinner with 25% less carbs.  It is anonymous! You will not receive an annoying reminder popping up on the phone in the middle of your meal. How about that?

Similar to when Lululemon had a cross-over with Equinox fitness, vertical integration is a combination of two or more stages of products that normally operate in separated fields. FITCHEN will not leave you alone after meal preparation. It will follow you through. Imagine you don’t have to physically type your meal and search for calories into your calorie control applications in your phone. Imagine the time your Fit Bit will automatically tell you how many steps you have to make in a day. FITCHEN will provide a system that acts like an invisible personal trainer and nutritionist guiding you toward your optimal goal. It links with all the other fitness products that you have and simultaneously shoves that information. Think about when your phone on boarded camera on HD with high pixel quality, and finally you didn’t need to travel with a gigantic camera. That is what FITCHEN will do for you. Consolidation and integration.

Dieting and exercising has never played such an important role in society as it does today. It can be easier with FITCHEN’S help, controlling and monitoring daily food intakes that will help you have a better life. It friendly functionality will encourage you to be best friends. Together with technology and knowing how dependent we are with smart phones and social media FITCHEN will help us realize that NOW anything is possible. No more excuses.