By: Julie Tiseo, Cara Wasserstrom, David Hemphill

Our concept is centered around increased automation and connectivity between you and your kitchen appliances. The idea involves advanced intelligence and automation of key kitchen appliances cultivating a more convenient, efficient, and safe culinary environment.


We propose for the ‘Kitchen of the Future,’ quicKitch, a smartphone (device) app that reacts and notifies its user of key information regarding their kitchen appliances triggered by general preloaded information, location & GPS technology, timing and personal presets.


Time and location-based automated sensors of key kitchen appliances make the user’s life easier by saving time and making everyday life in the kitchen more effectual.


Our belief is that in an increasingly fast paced, competitive, and complex world enhanced flexibility will improve the user’s well-being, and most importantly could prevent major life threatening events such as like gas leaks, fires etc.  To that end, as the baby boomer generation nears retirement and old age, quicKitch will allow for the remote management of our aging populations.  


As mentioned above the primary purpose of our technology is three-fold: convenience, efficiency, and life safety.

Envision being able to change the settings remotely at the touch of a button, oven temperature, refrigerator temperature, coffee brew start time.

Imagine being able to turn on your oven to preheat when you are close to home, so it’s ready to go the moment you walk through the door.

And who wouldn’t want to wake up to freshly brewed coffee? quicKitch shortens one’s morning routine by eliminating having to prepare it that morning or having to wait in a lengthy line at the local coffee shop.


Did you forget to run the dishwasher before running out the door to work? Not to worry, just take out your phone, go into your quicKitch app, start the cycle and come home to clean dishes.


Aside from the obvious convenience of these features, the belief is that having these new aids in your life and around the home will decrease stress levels around these everyday occurrences, and that is an immeasurable contribution in the today’s society of immediacy.


The benefits of our technology in the kitchen are not limited to making life easier and decreasing stress, the more compelling benefits are related to life safety and human error in the kitchen.


A perfect example of how our application could prevent serious incident, should a user leave their apartment with the oven on the app, through location services, quicKitch will recognize you are no longer in your apartment and will notify you so you can, at the touch of a button, remotely turn off your oven or adjust its temperature.  In addition, with quicKitch’s ability to host multiple kitchens within its interface, its user can remotely manage the kitchen of one’s elderly parent if notified the oven remains on.  Similarly, quicKitch will notify you even if you are in the next room eliminating safety risks and inflated electricity/gas bills.  

These types of notifications are not limited to life threatening situations, for example if you are outside of your apartment and your refrigerator door has been left open the app will send a notification.


Through our convenient application users will be able to remotely interact with following appliances: oven, dishwasher, refrigerator, coffee maker. Our feeling is that these are the most commonly used appliances some of which can cause serious incident through human error.


We hope that increased flexibility and time saving features will encourage more cooking at home and healthy living. We also hope it will alleviate stress through ease of use.  Moreover, we hope that it will prevent serious incident in the kitchen.