By Cristina Steglitz & Anne-Elisabeth Spittler

Mindfulness is a state of consciousness and awareness focused on the present moment. It can significantly decrease stress, anxiety, and depression. Mindfulness also has the ability to enhance your day to day functioning, clarity of mind, and overall quality of life. A significant amount of time is spent in the kitchen day to day in order to refuel the body, so we figured why not allow it to rejuvenate the mind as well.

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The Mindful Kitchen is a calming environment that helps you to relax. An environment that promotes relaxation by engaging the fives senses through a variety of ways that reflect past, present, and future concepts of kitchen living.

A pod-like space with fluid lines that invite and embrace you inwards and make you feel welcome and comfortable.


  1. Sight – Lighting, simulated monitors/virtual reality, clear paneled cabinetry and appliances, general interactive design
  2. Touch – Textured materials, ergonomic appliances and gadgets, vertical gardens, tactile and engaged cooking
  3. Smell – natural aromas from home grown greenery
  4. Sound – integrated surround sound, synchronized with monitor, guided audio (recipe creation and active meditation)
  5. Taste – guided experience to connect with food


Traditionally speaking, the kitchen was often the woman’s domain, and a majority of time was spent in this area of the home. The Kitchen is typically the central room in a household and it is often open to the public and adjacent to a dining or living room. It was also a prominent area where families reconnected and reconvened at the end of the long work day.



Now, priority is given to: Function, Multi-tasking & Efficiency. Current focus is on ease and speed, which can significantly lower the overall quality and standards of the kitchen experience. (Seamless, Fresh Direct, Processed Food)

The Kitchen becomes the central room in a household and it is often open to the public and attached to the dining or living room as a predominant social gathering space, not necessarily for engaging in cooking.



The kitchen regains its association with a fully integrated and complete experience where all five senses are engaged. Not only are you taking care of your body with a real conscience towards healthy nutrition, but you are also nourishing your entire body with meditative practices that can be considered “mental food”…all thanks to futuristic meditative time spaces!


Other design ideas for the future: