By Tammy Cheng & Linda Chien


In the past, information regarding the nutrition of food was not readily available. Today, people are getting more conscious of health issues, so they pay more attention to the nutritional value of what they eat.


The need of recognizing food content leads the food scanning equipment to another level. The technology makes the choice for a healthier life more convenient and precise.



Radio-frequency identification (RFID) tag is usually used in market places. Since it’s the identification of a product, it provides information of the product itself. This information is the same as the label found on its package. Currently, people combine the RFID tag with phone apps so that people can check or record products more easily.

In the past, people did not analyze food. A Food scan analyzer was solely used in the lab and in food industry. The result includes fat, moisture, protein, salt and collagen information.



Today, texture analyzer is used in labs, factories, and sometimes for private use. The equipment is lighter than before and it is faster to analyze.

More and more people use smartphone’s app to record their diet in order to maintain good health or body shape. Some diet apps provide a database and a person just needs to type in their name and quantity of the food, and it would calculate the nutrition for them. Although it is not as accurate as testing, it is a convenient way to have a general sense of diet.


When combining the app with the wearable fitness device, it not only records the exercise but records the calories you have burned.

Most wearable devices provide their own apps, which calculates the calories in and out for you. The calculation will be more accurate with calories out rather than just counting take-in calories. People can set their own weight goal, diet duration, and entering the food, the app will tell you how much calories you should take in everyday and how much calories left of the day.

Wearable Fitness

Portable food scanner is a new product in order to get nutritional facts about different kinds of food. After you scan your food, the screen will show the breakdown nutrition and the app also offer advice to ensure you stay healthy and do not exceed the limit that you have set.

Portable Food Scanner



Fridge with interactive 3D screen with nutritional information

Below is an example of imagining instant analyzing device (click on image for video). The scanner and the digital scale can be set up together in kitchen design.


The software can recommend a healthy diet based on each person’s health. According to the nutrition the person needs, the software can analyze the kind of food that has the specific nutrition. Then, it will suggest what dishes you should choose.


All the future technology kitchen products can be combined together in order to provide new lifestyle choices. For example, the intergrading with “smart fridge”, the software can provide diet suggestion choosing from the ingredient in the fridge.


In the past, a food scanner only provided basic information. It was hard to understand what the information meant. At the same time, food testing equipment had been created, however, it was only used in labs. Now, the technique has improve quit a bit. People can use digital devices, like smart phone, computer and personal food scanner to obtain nutritional information, analyze and suggestion. The integration of all the high tech equipment is developing into a healthier, more convenient lifestyle for the future!