By: Ashley Crook & Mimi Hames




It’s a complicated issue with many levels.  We are wasting food, money, and nutrients.  Perishable goods like fruits, vegetables and fresh meat are what we should be eating as healthy people are wasted – the US wastes $180 billion in food every year!  On an individual level, it’s estimated that we throw out more than $50 of food each month.  Our current refrigerators utilize drawers for produce where that food is not 100% visible when you open the refrigerator which causes us to forget items we’ve purchased until they go bad.





There are refrigerator solutions currently available that show the entire contents of your fridge, like this one that is lined with Carrera marble and has two glass doors.  You can actually walk into this one!  Made famous by Real Housewife of Beverly Hills, Yolanda Foster.  But let’s be real, not many of us have the space or time to keep an entire refrigerator neatly organized.


What if our current refrigerator and freezer combination units were further divided into three doors or drawers and the added one is a glass panel door that houses all of our perishables at the perfect temperature!?!  Amazing we say!

We have created a self-standing unit that not only displays your perishable goods, but is programmed to tell you when it’s time to use your tomatoes before they go bad.


How does it work?

When you add a head of lettuce to the Produce Fridge, use the control panel on the left to select “Lettuce” and the light will turn green.  Each produce category will be pre-programmed (you can make you own personal adjustments) to how long each category of produce will typically last, 2 day, 2 weeks etc.  At its halfway point, say 3 days for lettuce that should last 6 days, it will turn yellow letting you know that you should use it.  On the day of expiration it will turn red letting you know you should use it that day.

What are the benefits?

  1. Less food waste.
  2. More nutritious meals.
  3. Inspiration to cook with fresh vegetables since you are seeing them constantly.
  4. Less money waste.
  5. Less energy waste – with a smaller refrigerator and this Produce Fridge that is using less energy to house your produce at the perfect temperature.