Homemade dishes are always the best memories in our lives. When we got home from school as a child, we can always smell the delicious food prepared from our lovingly family. And we memorized the smell which bring us back to the time, especially when we are being alone in the city. People in the past learn how to cook from their family, and usually the person will be a female. Since there wasn’t a lot of technology in the past, people don’t really have other option to learn how to cook besides from their parents.

Another way of learning how to cook in the past was from the cookbook. The cookbook might come from professional cooker that taught you how to cook step by step, and they also shared the secret ingredients in the book. The television cooking shows raise with the time that every family had a television at home. Most of the cooking shows played at 4 or 5 o’clock in the afternoon, so stay-at-home moms cooked with the chefs in the shows at the same time and learned more and more dishes. For office ladies, they recorded the shows and played it when they got free time. However, there is some disadvantages of learning from professional cookers, for example, you might not accomplish the level you wish to achieve and also made the kitchen in a mass, so you got depressed. Therefore, people lost the enthusiasm of cooking and gave up cooking.


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However, people in the present have a lot more options if they want to learn how to cook. For example, if someone living in New York City and they want to cook, they can use social Medias, watch television show, application, or even order online. There are so many social Medias online for people to search nowadays. Using Youtube, you can learn how to cook different kinds of cuisine wherever you are in the world and also the applications provide different kinds of recipe from people in different countries. For the beginners, learning cook from recipes of general population is much easier than chef’s recipes and you can find these recipes are using ingredients which are easy to get and using basic kitchen equipment instead a professional one, so people are more willing to learn cooking by this way.

Living in big city is very busy and may not have the time for grocery shopping or thinking what to cook for dinner. Blue Apron gives the new option for people who are interested in cooking but don’t have time to prepare or to explore the new recipes. Their website provides different kinds of cuisine for your choice, and the best part is they prepared the ingredients for you in advance and deliver to your home. So you save the time for grocery shopping and not worrying about the dishes don’t come out in your anticipate.

Compare to the past, people share their recipes not only to the family members now, but also the public, like people they even don’t know. For example, if you posted an article about how you make the delicious carrot cake on the blog and people who are interested in the recipe will try to bake it and follow your blog, but you will never get to know the person who admire your blog.


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The advance of technology improves our life quality but it also takes away the opportunity to interact with people mentally and physically. So we are trying to find the solution of having humanistic communication while using technology. Try to think this way, if you can talk to the people who shared the recipes with you from social media, you will get to know what their inspiration came from and what they should remark for while cooking the dishes. In addition, it is always good to have someone to cook with you and share the result. The future of the technology should bring people together; therefore, we decide to create an application that will help people find recipe easily and pull people together.

Living in New York City, it’s very convenient to get food from restaurant and food cart and people are also busy and lazy to cook because they are exhausted after the long day. Somehow, eating outside every day is not healthy and cost much money than cook at home. But, the other problem is it is hard to control the portion of cooking for one and no one share the food with you, especially when someone just moved into the city. This application is for instant learning cooking recipe combining with new kitchen technique. If people want to learn cooking and share with neighbors, they can use this application to interact with people. By this way, people can get to know neighbors and encourage them to cook more with sharing; moreover, they can meet new friends. In big cities like New York City, it is really hard to know people. This application can help finding healthy soulmate in cooking. Either the person can find someone within the area that is also cooking the same thing to join, or they can Facetime at the same time to cook together. They can also share their cooking experience online. We called it “”. It’s a new way to inspire people learn to cook and eating healthier by cooking at home, also get to know new friends.


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