By  Courtney Signore & Niya Liang

Kitchens of the Past:

The kitchens of the past did not consist of as many appliances as kitchens of today feature.  Some kitchens of the past did not contain dishwashers, microwave ovens or even ovens with cleaning capabilities.   A lot of time was consumed in the kitchen in the past due to most activities that go into making a meal had to be done by hand.  There was not electric mixer to combine all your ingredients of a convection oven that could speed up the time of your cooking. Also, there was not a dish washing machine to clean all your dishes and utensils.

In the past people cooked their food over an open fire and eventually the first oven was built in 1490, in Alsace, France.  Then by the 1850’s the first gas stoves were invented.  By 1912, gas stoves were evolving with the invention of the more convenient electric stoves, which use convection to heat food rather than a flame.


In 1886 Josephine Cochrane said “If nobody else is going to invent a dishwashing machine, I’ll do it myself.”  That same year with her great idea on hand she created and patented the first dishwasher.  When revealing her invention to the world at the 1893 World’s Fair she envisioned everyone would run to purchase it, but it was only used in enterprises such as hotels and restaurant due of the large amount of water needed to run the washing cycle.  Almost sixty years after the public got the concept of a dishwasher and they were starting to be seen in residences.

In the early 1900’s we start to see more kitchen appliances coming into the market.  Some of these inventions were the toaster, refrigerator, garbage disposal.  In 1909 Frank Shailor created the first successful electric toaster.  In 1913 Fred W. Wolf created a small home used refrigerator that contained an ice box on top.  In 1927 John W. Hammes developed the first garbage disposal.

Kitchens of the Present:

Currently, people are using innovated technology in their kitchen in order to make cooking easier. For example, we have sleek electronic touch pads which provides a list of options for our ovens and microwaves; also Grohe has come out with a pull-out and pull down kitchen faucet with rinsing sprays and professional sprays that makes it easier to wash larger pots and pans.

Because people are spending more time and money on their kitchens today, they like to customize their kitchen in a unique style.  This can include special features hidden behind the front panel of an appliance.  A lot of products have the capability of being fully integrated into cabinets, such as dishwashers, ovens, and refrigerators; manufacturers can now make custom panel doors or stainless steel fronts.  New and popular appliances being seen in kitchens today are warming drawers, which come with handle hardware in the front and a hidden electronic touch control panel.

People have a variety of options to choose from for their cook-tops and one of the newest ones is an induction cook-top.  The surface only turns on when a pan is placed on it and the size of the pan is recognized, and this is the only product where a pan can be detected.  As soon as the pan is removed the heat stops immediately.


The dishwasher is another item we did not have in the past, but it’s so convenient and runs quietly in the background today.  It also has a LED light inside, perfect glass care, a delay start feature, auto sensor and auto open.  Acoustics rating system ranks the quietness on a scale of 1 to 5. 5 is the quietest dishwasher available in the history. Remote vision is the use of network technology and application software, which enabled products are connected to manufacture’s monitoring center. If a significant fault occurs, client service center will be notified and contact you.

Kitchens of the Future:

As technology is advancing rapidly we see a great deal of kitchen appliances being designed for today’s modern kitchen.  One of these great concepts is the Kaya mobile microwave, which was created by a Japanese industrial designer, Mac Funamizu.  At the top of this microwave there is a see though cover so you can watch your food as it is being cooked.  It also has a touch screen feature where you can control the temperature and cooking time.

Another idea for the kitchen is the Concept Vertical Kitchen Ecooking created by Italian designer Massimo Facchinetti.  This module is an all-in-one, energy saving, vertical kitchen contains a refrigerator, induction oven, microwave oven, sink, dishwasher, seating area and a small wall garden for herbs.  The electrical appliances are powered by solar panels at the top of the module and the water feature uses a recyclable system such as the water for the sink is filtered and reused in the dishwasher then goes through a second filtering process and is used to water the plants on the small wall garden.

The concept design of vertical kitchen brings us the idea of multi-use and energy saving products. In the future, we may see ordinary counter tops doubling as cook tops along the lines of the induction cook-top; the vertical kitchen mention before when manufactured for mass production could be used in the home and taken with a family as they travel onto a new home.

Designers have envisioned the future kitchen to be easier to control with more humanized technology design.  People can operate their kitchen by applications on their smart phones and different applications will control different appliances.  For example, being a mother is the busiest job in the world, especially when she has three children, with the advantages of technology, she can start her oven 20 minutes before she and her kids get back home as well as checking if she forgot to turn off the gas.  This technology ensures safety and offers people a more convenient lifestyle.

Another invention the future holds is a smart cooker.  Some people do not have time for cooking and they do not want to order take-out every day, so they would use the smart cooker.  This product allows you to download recipes on your computer, put the ingredients in the smart cooker and it will automatically add the right ingredients at the right time.  After the proper time the machine will finish cooking and you could enjoy a meal without doing too much work.

We have advanced very far in kitchen appliance design and the industry is not ready to stop now.  Great concepts are being thought up all the time all over the world.  The future kitchen is not for lazy people, but for an easy life.  Innovative technology is the catalyst.

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